Congratulations! Adding a Sponsored Race to your evening makes that birthday, celebration, night out, stag night, leaving-do that extra special!

As part of the Sponsorship you get to name the race! It can be anything you like but mustn’t be rude or offensive!   The race name must start with “The” and end with “Stakes”, for example “The Helen’s 40th Birthday Stakes”, “The Bob the Builder Construction Co Stakes” etc.  It must not include words like Marathon, Sprint, Cesarewitch, Derby etc.

We’ll also include a message or advertisement below the race in the programme and on screens throughout the Stadium!

After the Race we’ll capture images of you presenting a trophy, which we provide, to the owner of the winning greyhound. You’ll be able to share these with family and friends from our Facebook page and we’ll email them to you a day or so later.


As part of your Race Sponsorship you can include an advert or message in the race programme and on the Stadium screens.
Your advertisement / message will appear in a block at the bottom of your race in the programme. It will be reproduced in grey scale (black and white) with dimensions of roughly 140mm x 50mm.
You can submit text, and an image if you’d like, and we will create the advert / message for you or you can create your own complete image and submit that.
If you chose to create your own ‘ready to print’ image, it must be …
1) Landscape orientation with dimensions of 200mm x 70mm it will be reduced in size during the printing process.
2) Submitted in a .jpeg .png or .pdf format.


To confirm your Sponsored Race we need you to …
EITHER complete the online form below
OR download, complete and return the Race Sponsorship Form.

Name *

Your full name

'Phone Number *

Enter your telephone number

Email Address *

Enter your email address

Visit Date

Enter the Date of your visit to the Stadium

Race Name

Enter the Race name

Text for your Message or Advert

Enter the text you'd like in your message or advert

Image for the Advert

Submit a .jpeg .png .pdf advert for the programme


1) Peterborough Greyhounds reserves the right to amend the Race Sponsorship details provided at their discretion.
2) Peterborough Greyhounds accepts no responsibility for error or omissions which occur as a result of the inclusion of a Sponsored Race.
3) Peterborough Greyhounds reserves the right to withdraw a Sponsored Race at anytime, without reason. In such cases the amount paid for the Race Sponsorship shall be refunded in full but there shall be no further liability.