What is the Peterborough Greyhound Fund?

Peterborough Greyhound Fund is a group of greyhound trainers, owners and kennel-hands who have decided to dedicate their time and resources to helping the tracks retired dogs. The team work as volunteers doing this and rely solely on public donations.

Peterborough Greyhounds are so proud of this volunteer team and the work they are doing to ensure that all greyhounds that race at Peterborough Greyhounds are looked after during their careers, and also afterwards to ensure they find the forever, loving sofa they so deserve.

So what do the Peterborough Greyhound Fund do?

The Team are busy bringing the retired dogs in once a month to greet the public during a race night at the Peterborough Stadium. They do this so that the public can meet them all, big and small, to really show to people what amazing animals greyhounds really are to help them to find their forever sofa after they have finished their racing careers. Check out one of their recent visits from our photos on Facebook and how much they loved meeting you all!

How do they raise money?

To raise these much needed funds, they are busy holding raffles and tombola’s to raise money for the fund each month at the Stadium. They have also done online auctions, participating in the Peterborough Greyhounds Human Hound Challenge and are always looking at different ways to raise money and awareness.

What do they do with the money raised?

The money that has been raised is being used to support trainers who’s dogs receive a career-ending orthopaedic injury at the track to help towards vet and care bills. They pay a percentage of the vets bill alongside the Greyhound Board of Great Britain’s (GBGB) contribution.


How do they help to re-home the Retired Greyhounds?

They put massive efforts into finding homes for all retired hounds. They come along to the track for meets and greet nights, and each has an individual poster made which can be found all around the track, and also on social media outlets.

How can you get in touch with the team?

They have their own dedicated Facebook page to let everyone know about what they are up to, how they are raising money and awareness. They also use this to advocate the great work of our Re-homing Partners; Brambleberry Greyhounds.

Through the money raise, they also make donations to Brambleberry to help with advertising. This an additional fee that they receive for each dog on top of what the trainer & owner pays after their racing career ends.