At Peterborough Greyhounds the welfare of greyhounds is our number one priority, we go to great lengths to ensure they are comfortable and cared for while at the stadium.


As a greyhound stadium regulated by the Greyhound Board of Great Britain, Peterborough Greyhounds is proud to support and uphold The Greyhound Commitment

#1 Greyhound welfare and safety is at the heart of everything we do

#2 Every racing greyhound is treated with care and respect throughout its career

#3 Our independently verified injury rates remain the lowest in the world and will improve further still

#4 Wherever possible, every dog leaving racing enjoys a long and happy retirement

#5 Every race is run fairly, safely and that attending a race meeting is an enjoyable and fun experience for all involved

#6 Those working within the sport have access to training at the beginning of their careers, and ongoing, accredited professional development

#7 Funding received from the betting industry significantly contributes to greyhound welfare

#8 Together, we continue to promote our sport and nurture the public’s love of greyhounds

Please click here to read more about re-homing our beautiful greyhounds.


At Peterborough Greyhounds the welfare of greyhounds is our number one priority, we go to great lengths to ensure they are comfortable and cared for while at the stadium.

A Vet is on site before the greyhounds arrive to be weighed in and kennelled at the beginning of a race meeting, right through to the moment the last greyhound leaves at the end of the evening. During that time, the Vet attends to any appropriate welfare needs of the greyhounds, is able to administer treatments from his on-site surgery room and has the authority prior to a race to withdraw any greyhound if they consider it is not fit to race. All Greyhounds are checked before kennelling, before racing and after racing. The Stadium`s kennels are situated under part of the main Grandstand and there is a viewing area which enables you to see the greyhounds being prepared for racing.

Of course, our attention does not stop there – retired greyhounds make very loving and affectionate pets and, in conjunction with trainers that race greyhounds at the Stadium and their owners, we work to promote the rehoming of retired greyhounds after their racing career ends at the Stadium.

Please click here to read more about re-homing our beautiful greyhounds.


Peterborough Greyhounds work closely with rehoming centres when the greyhounds are ready to retire from their racing careers.

One of these is Brambleberry Greyhounds, a branch of the Greyhound Trust and registered charity (reg. charity No: 269668) which is located in the Peterborough area.

Brambleberry Greyhounds GT started rehoming 36 years ago and moved to their present location 16 years ago to provide space for the expanding kennels.  There are usually about 30 dogs available for re-homing at any one time, of various ages and colours, with new dogs coming in all the time.

Sharon, the owner, has been a greyhound trainer for 34 years and has lived and worked with these beautiful dogs all her life.

Currently working two jobs (as a breeder and trainer of dogs for the local track, and as an area RGT adoption agent) Sharon has a house full of non-starters, ex-racers, convalescents, and temporary residents, as well as the kennels to run, where the racers and adoptable dogs live.

No dog at Brambleberry is put to sleep without sound medical reason and the advice of a vet.

If you are looking to adopt an adult dog, please consider one of our ex-racers.  We have young dogs, older dogs, some who can live with cats, and some who have lived in a home before and been returned through no fault of their own. Full support is available after adoption, via telephone and the internet.


During the summer and hot weather we take every precaution to ensure that our greyhounds are looked after to the best of our ability.


Our racing takes place in the evenings when temperatures are cooler.


In warmer temperatures, if necessary our Greyhounds come straight from the kennels to traps cutting parade time down to a maximum of 3 minute


Races only last an average of 28 seconds. Greyhounds are extremely fit canine athletes that are bred to run.


Our Vet keeps a watchful eye on all Greyhounds whilst on site, and naturally there is unlimited access to ice and fresh water pre and post-race.


The welfare of the Greyhounds during transit is of the utmost importance.


Races over longer distances are put at the end of the race meeting during these conditions


Greyhounds are checked into the kennels by our Vet making sure they are fit to race. They are also checked by the Vet before and after their race. We have been running in these temperatures for around a month now and have had no incidents caused by heat.

Peterborough Greyhound Fund Host Meet and Greet at Peterborough Greyhound Stadium

Approximately 1000 race goers had the chance to meet the stars of yesteryear during a ‘meet and greet’ at Peterborough Greyhound Stadium on Saturday 31 March 2018. Retired greyhounds that had once graced the track at Peterborough were positioned at the stadium entrances to meet race fans, young and old, and they happily lapped up the attention lavished upon them as the crowds made their way into the stadium.