Throughout the year, Peterborough Greyhounds hosts a wide variety of ways that can help any charity, team or club raise funds for some great causes raising hundreds of pounds. There are several ways you can get involved in this whilst having a guaranteed great night here at the Greyhounds!


Human Hound Challenges are run every January, May and September over four consecutive Fridays in the month.  Consisting of three heats, six Human Hounds will be running in each heat on behalf of their own cause and receiving £50 for doing so.  The hounds that place in 1st and 2nd will go through to the final on the last Friday to have the chance to win up to £500.

Make the most of this and publicise the event on your social media, get people to sponsor your Human Hound for extra funds and let your supporters know that they can come along on the night of the heat, and final if they get through, and get free entry to the Grandstand.  A great night for all involved!


Peterborough Greyhounds will sell you a suite, or tables in the restaurant at a discounted price for you to then sell tickets to your guests and supporters at a higher rate.  You can then include other options to your guests such as race sponsorship and trackside advertising as detailed below.


You can invite sponsorship from groups, individuals or businesses to sponsor a race on your gala night, as detailed above, for a minimum donation of say £100 per race. We will charge you a discounted rate for the race sponsorship in order to maximize return to the charity.


We can offer you a discounted rate for race card and trackside advertising on your gala night as detailed above, which you can sell for a profit to individuals or companies supporting you and your charity.


We can offer you admission six packs tickets for a charity night for over ten people on Wednesday and Friday race nights throughout the year at a reduced price which your charity is entitled to sell at normal face value or at a premium rate.

If you have an idea for a fundraiser and it’s not on our list or your not quite sure how to do it, get in touch we will always see what we can do!

Contact our team on 01733 296939 or