Booth Networking has taken Peterborough by storm with each event attracting over 120 businesses in to the Stadium.  This tried and tested concept has been hugely successful and as a result has seen many new connections made within Cambridgeshire, with thousands of pounds of business to follow.

Business at Peterborough Greyhounds

All you have to do is simply use one of our booths as your exhibition space to display your company leaflets, business cards, and promotions on. Then get networking around the Stadium in a casual environment.  We recommend two people from each business attend; however this isn’t always possible so you can come on your own. We also will provide you with a full delegates list, including contact details, in case you don’t see everyone you want to.

Take a break during networking and include a lunch option, where you can enjoy a fresh handmade 10’’ thin-crust pizza with two toppings at only £8.25 including a soft drink!  This must be pre-ordered and pre-paid prior to the event and can be invoiced if required.

Business Networking Events

Now get on board with industry specific Booth Networking including Construction, and Food & Beverages as well as other Business events held here at the Greyhound Stadium.

You can even sign up for our Greyhounds Do Business monthly newsletter that keeps you up to date with everything Greyhound and Peterborough so you do not miss out on the event to suit you and your business!