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At Peterborough Greyhounds the welfare of greyhounds is our number one priority, we go to great lengths to ensure they are comfortable and cared for while at the stadium.

A Vet is on site from the moment the greyhounds arrive to be weighed in and kenneled at the beginning of a race meeting, right through to the moment the last greyhound leaves at the end of the evening. During that time, the Vet attends to any appropriate welfare needs of the greyhounds, is able to administer treatments from his on-site surgery room, and has the authority prior to a race to withdraw any greyhound if he considers it is not fit to race. The Stadium`s kennels are situated under part of the main Grandstand and there is a viewing area which enables you to see the greyhounds being prepared for racing.
Of course our attention does not stop there – retired greyhounds make very loving and affectionate pets and, in conjunction with trainers that race greyhounds at the Stadium and their owners, we work to promote the rehoming of retired greyhounds after their racing career ends at the Stadium.
We support the work of the nationalRetired Greyhound Trust alongside the work of a number of organisations locally that work to rehome retired greyhounds. 
These include, but are not limited to ....

Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust (LGT) is an independent registered charity 1103656 rehoming greyhounds in Lincolnshire and surrounding areas. The charity was set up to promote the qualities of retired racing greyhounds and to help find them good homes as pets.

We are an entirely voluntary group with no paid employees so are able to spend all our finances on helping greyhounds. LGT do not usually 'rescue' greyhounds as we deal with many of the very responsible racing owners and trainers who care for their dogs and trust us to find them a loving new pet home. We do however help various rescue organisations and provide back up for greyhounds they rehome as well as our own.

For more information please call us on 01522 569825 or 0794 131 3025.

Meet a Greyhound looking for a Forever Home

We occasionally have visits to the Stadium from local organisations involved in rehoming retired greyhounds which provides an opportunity for anyone interested in rehoming a greyhound to meet a greyhound 'face-to-face' and see what amazing pets they make!  Please contact us on 01733 296939 to find out when we next expect a visit from a retired greyhound.