Peterborough Greyhounds work closely with rehoming centres when the greyhounds are ready to retire from their racing careers.

One of these is Brambleberry Greyhounds, a branch of the Greyhound Trust and registered charity (reg. charity No: 269668) which is located in the Peterborough area.

Brambleberry Greyhounds GT started rehoming 36 years ago and moved to their present location 16 years ago to provide space for the expanding kennels.  There are usually about 30 dogs available for re-homing at any one time, of various ages and colours, with new dogs coming in all the time.

Sharon, the owner, has been a greyhound trainer for 34 years and has lived and worked with these beautiful dogs all her life.

Currently working two jobs (as a breeder and trainer of dogs for the local track, and as an area RGT adoption agent) Sharon has a house full of non-starters, ex-racers, convalescents, and temporary residents, as well as the kennels to run, where the racers and adoptable dogs live.

No dog at Brambleberry is put to sleep without sound medical reason and the advice of a vet.

If you are looking to adopt an adult dog, please consider one of our ex-racers.  We have young dogs, older dogs, some who can live with cats, and some who have lived in a home before and been returned through no fault of their own. Full support is available after adoption, via telephone and the internet.