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Charity & Fundraising

Peterborough Greyhound Stadium can help you to raise money for various good causes.

The Stadium has worked over the years to raise money for good causes, including Hospital at Home, the Sue Ryder Home in the city, and Guide Dogs for the Blind.

It helps others to raise funds for local charities, sports clubs and other organisations too. So far, this has generated well over £1,000,000.

We can help you to raise funds for any non-profit making organisation, and we'll make the task as easy as possible for you. We can help in either of the following ways:

Entry vouchers

Calling all charities, schools and sports clubs, would you like to benefit from a simple means of fundraising? We have already supplied thousands of entry vouchers to local organisations, which they sell on to raise valuable funds for their own good causes.

If you are involved in a charity, school, sports club or any organisation looking to raise some charitable donations, drop us a short email with your full name, telephone number and postal address plus a brief reason for the request. We will be more than happy to supply you with bespoke vouchers.

Charity sponsorship

What a great way to raise funds and promote your cause! Your charity can sponsor some or all of the races on a chosen evening. Simply recruit your own sponsors to represent each race. To boost funds further, you are welcome to hold a raffle on the night. Here's a few guidelines to help your charity evening be a great success:

  • To start the ball rolling, contact us to discuss how you would like your proposed evening to proceed. Book a provisional date for the event.
  • There are usually 14 races held each race evening, however, please check upon booking.
  • Next, contact businesses/supporters to sponsor a race or races (up to 13 sponsors). You can then arrange a price for each sponsored race – around £250 - £300 per race is the norm, although some sponsors have paid over £500 for the privilege!
  • The name of the race is chosen by the sponsors (e.g. the Barclays Bank stakes) and should be forwarded to the stadium at least a week prior to the event. The names will be entered into the programme for the event evening. A space will also be allocated in the racecard for the sponsors to promote their company. Again details for this advertisement should be supplied one week prior to the event. Banners and additional promotional literature can be displayed in the stadium and at trackside. Sponsors are also acknowledged over the Stadium PA, and in addition an advert/message can be added to our promotional slide show that runs on all the TV monitors throughout the Stadium throughout the evening.
  • Raffles are another avenue for promoting your charity and can be held in conjunction with your sponsored evening (subject to availability). Two or three ticket sellers (provided by yourself) would be sufficient to cover the restaurant, stadium and terraced area. Raffles usually raise between £300 - £500 and profit is maximised if prizes can be donated.
  • The only payment to the stadium by the charity is £1,750 which covers all 14 races and 14  x tables of four for the sponsors, inclusive of entry, race programmes and two course meals.

Here's a breakdown of the takings from a typical charity night (based on a typical Wednesday evening): 


Race sponsorship
14  x £350 =




£ 400








Stadium charge








Profit for the charity